Why Us?

Why did we create a self-extinguishing candle?

Every year, there are nearly 10,000 candle related fires in the United States. The main cause of these fires - an unattended or neglected candle. 

You should feel comfortable lighting a candle in your bedroom as you unwind from a long day. Yet, one of the most dangerous scenarios is that a person falls asleep while a candle is lit - as this candle may burn for 8+ hours unattended.

You should be able to light a candle in your bathroom, kitchen, or any room - yet there is always the risk that you forget to blow it out. 

Because of these risks, candles all too often simply become a home decor piece - as there is never that 'perfect' time to light it. Perhaps you even decided to purchase an LED candle, since you love the look of a lit candle, but you don't like the risk that comes with a flame. However, you miss the fragrance and warmth that comes with a traditional candle. Nirvana Candle offers the peace of mind that comes with a LED candle, while maintaining the experience of a traditional candle. 

Nirvana Candle limits the risk of a traditional candle by capping the amount of time the candle may be neglected. This allows you to be much more comfortable lighting your candle on a regular basis, rather than just for special occasions. We change those "should" moments, to "will" moments. 

Remember, this is not the candle you should simply ignore - there will always be risks associated with open flames. You should never purposefully neglect a candle, nor should you leave a burning candle unattended.

Okay - I like the idea of a self-extinguishing candle, but is the candle itself any good?

Short answer - yes. When it comes to fragrances, we strongly believe it is more important to have quality rather than quantity. That being said, we will initially stock some of the most popular seasonal fragrances, along with a few year-round fragrances. 

The candle itself is poured in-house. We considered outsourcing production, but in the end we wanted to be responsible for the quality of the candle. Each candle is made from premium soy wax. 

 Features & Benefits of Soy Wax (vs Paraffin)

Features Benefits
Cleaner burning No toxins
No carcinogens or pollutants Less likely to trigger allergies
No petrol-carbon soot Does not soot walls or ceilings
Burns longer & cooler Burns 30-50% longer

Alright, I'm sold... how do I buy? 

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