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Wick Trimmer

Wick Trimmer

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Each Nirvana Candle is burned with two wood wicks! Wood wicks require occasional trimming - if left untrimmed, there's a chance that your wicks struggle to stay lit!

We recommend trimming the wick before each burn cycle for optimal performance. This helps achieve a nice even burn and a full melt pool! If your wood wicks (on any candle) are struggling to stay lit - 99% of the time trimming the wick will solve your issue immediately!

You can also use our wick trimmer on any cotton-wick candles you have! Cotton wicks tend to get a larger flame when left untrimmed, and on the bottom of virtually every candle it will disclaim that you need to trim the wicks! This is because as the flame gets larger, the glass gets hotter and you are at an increased risk of the glass cracking!